FOG Software

FOG Software specializes in complete ERP solutions for manufacturers and distributors of make-to-order and engineer-to-order products in the building products, capital equipment, and automotive sectors. FOG Software also includes a complementary portfolio of software solutions for transportation management, material optimization, supply-chain management, multi-channel merchant and direct-to-consumer distribution. Further information about FOG Software can be found on the FOG Software website.

Integrated Manufacturing and SCM

Integrated manufacturing includes both “enterprise-wide” solutions (commonly known as ERP), as well as focused solutions that are industry-specific (“point solutions”). Integrated manufacturing naturally extends to the concept of supply chain management.

Distribution and Logistics

Distributors and logistics service providers always face the challenge of being “trapped” between suppliers and customers. There are always the conflicting goals of keeping the suppliers lean and at the same time keeping customers satisfied.

Fulfillment and Retail

Catalog mail-order, telephone-order, and e-commerce: the means of accepting customer orders has evolved over the years, and so have the requirements placed on systems and software.