Vela Software acquires, manages and builds industry specific software businesses globally. Vela is an operating group of Constellation Software Inc., a leading provider of software and services to a select group of public and private sector markets. Constellation Software operates in over 100 countries and dozens of verticals. Constellation Software has completed over 350 acquisitions of small, medium and large private and public companies since its inception in 1995.

At Vela and Constellation, we typically leave acquired businesses as decentralized stand-alone entities. We provide vertical market software expertise, operational support and capital to help our businesses grow organically and/or through acquisitions.



Vela is a decentralized, learning-focused organization that offers coaching and resources in a number of areas to help good companies become exceptional. Our best practices, derived from Constellation / Vela’s 200+ autonomous business units, help our companies maintain and enhance competitive advantage, all while providing our customers with superior value.


We understand that your business represents a lifetime of effort and achievement. Whether you are selling your business for reasons of succession/estate planning, or in order to partner with an organization that can help you bring your business to the next level, all owners share one trait: a desire to see their businesses continue in accordance with the history and values that made them successful in the first place. We are a safe, permanent home for your business to continue its legacy.


Unlike most buyers of software businesses, we keep most of our acquisitions as standalone, autonomous businesses. Our team does not take over the day-to-day operations. Instead, we support and work with management to achieve market and product leadership. Managers are encouraged to grow their businesses organically and inorganically, and we provide support in both areas.

Investment Criteria

Market Share
Mission-critical software with strong market share in one or a handful of vertical markets

Revenues of $5 million or greater for new verticals and any size for existing verticals

Diversified customer base with low customer attrition

Experienced and committed management team