Environmental & Renewable Energy

Environmental & Renewable Energy

Nexo CS provides occupational health and safety solutions to a variety of asset-intensive industries including steel manufacturing, food and beverage, chemicals, telecommunications, pharmaceutics, pulp and paper, banks, government, hospitals, and construction companies.

SeaRoc’s software enables teams to centrally manage personnel information and project logistics, such as staff, contractors and assets. Our software helps sites manage critical data, optimise site efficiencies, and increase overall site safety. 

Single or integrated ‘Enterprise’ solution module options allow teams to manage inductions, work authorisations & RAMS, Permits to Work, activity planning, personnel tracking, asset management, and more.

The backbone of the SeaRoc’s software as a service (SaaS) solution is built on high-scale systems designed to provide uncompromised access reliability to sites, facilities and projects that can be located anywhere in the world, from museums to the most remote locations on earth such as offshore wind farms, along with advanced data protection that meets all regulatory requirements, including GDPR compliance.

For 17 years our customers have relied on SeaRoc’s extensive industry expertise and software systems to deliver an integrated, feature-rich set of purpose-built tools proven to increase efficiency, safety, and ensure profitability.