Glass, Windows, and Doors

Glass, Windows, and Doors

A+W is the global market leader for software in the flat glass industry as well as the windows and doors business. We develop ERP-, PPS- and optimization software in order to make glass and window manufacturers even more efficient. Our products are suitable for small, mid-sized and large companies.

Quadrature provides software for medium-to-large manufacturers of windows, doors, and heavy glass products in Europe and Latin and South America for producing windows and doors for industry as well as dealers.

Windflite provides an integrated software solution for small- and medium-sized window and door fabricators in the North American market.

PMC Software provides optimizing and planning software solutions for the glass and fenestration industries in the North American market.

Bitec provides ERP software for small-and-medium-sized glass producers and glass installers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.