Logistics, Supply Chain, and Warehouse Management

Logistics, Supply Chain, and Warehouse Management

ABECAS™ Insight from Argos Software is ideal for small- to mid-sized companies or divisions of larger ones that are data- and transaction-driven, requiring strong financial tools. ABECAS™ Insight provides ERP and SCM for 3PLs, transportation providers, and wholesale growers. Argos software has been is specifically developed and enhanced for wholesale nurseries, farms and other production-driven agribusinesses. 

Innovative ASCTrac® Warehouse Management Software for complex distribution and manufacturing environments. From order entry, procurement, manufacturing, distribution, shipping, and all the way through delivery to your end customer, ASC provides real solutions to your toughest supply chain challenges.

Cadre’s industry leading warehouse management systems software solutions for distribution include its Cadence Warehouse Management System: Focused upon Medium and Large 3rd Party (3PL) logistics and distributors, Accuplus: Cadre’s Small Businesses 3PL WMS solution and LogiView, a SaaS-based application providing real-time inventory and monitoring information across multiple warehouses and shipments.

The LogiMax warehouse management solution (WMS) is an exceptionally robust, reliable and affordable system with classical warehouse management functionality and optional yard management, terminal cross-docking and more – all running on the IBM iSeries platform.   LogiMax supports functionality for 3PL, Distribution, shopping carts, kitting, assemble to order, and more, all fully visualized through a complete BI toolset.

Markinson develops software solutions for the automotive and electrical wholesale industries that enable our customers to achieve consistent and sustainable growth.

ProShip provides the leading high volume, high speed, enterprise level, multi carrier parcel shipping software in North America. ProShip customers enjoy the benefits of being #1 in speed, compliance, reliability and user experience – from which they receive their customers satisfaction and retention, increased productivity and profitability and the ability to stay flexible in shipping solutions.

Varsity’s Transportation Management System (TMS) is a powerful shipping solution designed to cut freight costs, optimize shipping processes, increase operational efficiency and improve profitability – all running on the IBM iSeries. The Varsity suite includes Multi Carrier Parcel shipping with rate shopping and Freight Interfaces (LTL, Truckload, Rail)  —  all supported by a complete suite of analytics. Varsity has been certified by all of the major carriers in North America and Canada.

With Viewlocity’s Control Tower application, customers gain Real-Time visibility and control of their entire supply chain. Designed for Enterprise organizations, the agnostic Control Tower application interfaces with internal and external supply chain software systems allowing operators to visualize the supply chain, anticipate and avoid potential conflicts, and increase overall efficiency.