Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

GLOBEClaritas™ is a globally-recognised seismic processing solution that is used in 30 countries by more than 90 organisations. The company independently develops seismic data processing software that is used in acquisition, processing, and education for commercial clients, research programs, and universities.

Interica provide unique software, consultancy and data management services to the oil and gas sector. The company’s solutions enable clients to manage & secure their data and reduce risks and costs.

Our software supports land and marine seismic processing methods and is utilised in industries including; oil and gas; hard rocks/minerals; geohazards; geothermal; civil and environmental studies.

Ominra Software’s market leading MOSAIC has built a single solution for the Oil & Gas industry Petroleum Reserves Management Software, budgeting, capital management and multiple alternative scenarios and sensitivities. MOSAIC supports critical E&P activities through delivering efficient and reliable economic management software to make smart investment and capital budgeting decisions.

Petrosys is an industry leader in providing the Oil & Gas industry with mapping, surface modelling, connectivity and data management products for geoscience professionals. More than 300 sites worldwide use Petrosys as an essential tool for basin and field interpretation, to enhance data management and help make better decisions.

Proenco has been working with the engineering and construction suppliers and operators in the Energy, Infrastructure, and Resource industries for 30 years to deliver digitized solutions for document and HR processes. Proenco offers its Proarc solution, an engineering document management solution to reduce the lead time of documentation deliveries, and Propeople, an HR software that allows users to build employee schedules based on competence, skills and availability to match the demands of projects.