Juniper provides solutions for travel companies, with more than 360 clients in 50 different countries. Juniper aims its solutions at wholesalers, destination management companies, online travel agencies and bed banks.

TSI has over three decades of experience in providing products and services related to TPF / ALCS and Digital Enterprise technologies. TSI’s solutions assist in improving the operational efficiency of air transport companies. TSI currently operates within the Juniper Group.

The T4W division of Juniper Group offers an online booking solution intended to provide more sales opportunities for travel companies. The solution provides different modules such as accommodations, flights, services and transfers, car rentals and tour / vacation packages.

IST is a technology partner expert in the distribution and sale of online cruises. With more than 20 years of experience in the market, IST is integrated with more than 30 cruise companies and more than 40,000 travel agencies to boost cruise sales.

AIS is one of the leading suppliers of airport management systems and has been supplying and installing systems for thirty years. AIS products represent the very latest in airport management software and consist of a set of integrated modules to fully cater for airport’s operational and data management needs.