COVID-19 Vaccination Software Has Now Been Released to the Australian Market

Perth, Australia – August 25, 2021 – Product release – QMED: Integrated Health Management.

Qmed is a leading market vendor in the South African mining industry, and was acquired earlier this year by Datamine. Qmusik CEO, Jan Small, shares, “We’ve assisted many operations in South Africa to manage the health information of their workforce for years now. Qmed helped companies like De Beers to rollout the COVID19 vaccination across multiple sites and at a rapid pace.”

With the acceleration of the COVID-19 vaccination rollout in Australia, Datamine is proud to release Qmed, a leading solution for medical record management to the Australian market. 

Qmed offers organisations not only cost savings but also greater efficiency by streamlining multiple functions into one comprehensive platform. With features like health incident management for IODs or wellness appointment reminders available via their mobile app – it has fast become an essential solution for mining operations in light of the COVID-19 vaccination rollout. 

“We’re at a point in time where having a simple way to manage health data is more important than ever – and the urgency to get workforces vaccinated to move forward is a key way companies can do that,” said Dylan Webb, Datamine CEO.  

If you are interested in Qmed to assist with the COVID-19 vaccination rollout in Australian mining operations, visit the website here.  

About Qmuzik. Qmuzik Technologies, the owner of Qmed, is a Software Development House based in South Africa. The company has established itself as a market leader in the niche areas it has identified by supplying systems developed in close collaboration with industry leaders. By supplying implementation and support services, Qmuzik Technologies stays close to the customer base and ever evolving requirements. The Qmuzik group is organised into focused entities to further enhance customer service. 

About Qmed. Qmed provides organizations and medical staff with an Integrated Health Management System. The system encompasses key areas in the Healthcare environment including Booking & Scheduling, Medical Surveillance (Occupational Health), Primary Healthcare, Heath Incidents (IOD), Wellness Appointment Reminders and more. With customers including De Beers, South 32, Northam Platinum Ltd, Anglo American Platinum, Glencore and more – it is a well established solution for mining and private sector businesses. 

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