Juniper Group Acquires Libusoft Cicom

Zagreb, November 4th, 2022– Libusoft Cicom, an IT and consulting company specialised in the development and implementation of business process digitalisation solutions, to become part of the IN2 Group. IN2 Group’s new acquisition is in line with the Group’s growth strategy with a view to expanding operations, attracting new clients and employees, and their personal and professional development, as well as adding strategic new members to the Group.

Libusoft Cicom (LC) is one of the leadingcompanies in the field of public administration digitalisation in Croatia. The Company takes pride in the fact that the IT system of every Croatian smart city is home to at least one LC’s solution. The experience, expertise and know-how of LC’s specialists are the result of thirty years of development, investments and continued growth. Today LC has 150 employees providing IT services and developing specific software solutions for more than 1,000. LC’s software solutions are intended for a wide variety of users such as local and regional self-government units, budget users, public utility companies, residential building management companies, businesses, and non-profit organisations.

“Libusoft Cicom has a growing market share and an excellent team of leading experts in the field, so this acquisition will no doubt add even more wind to our company’s sails, to the benefit of both our employees and our clients. It is our great pleasure to announce that we are becoming part of the Juniper Group and IN2 Group, where our industry-specific know-how, experience and tailor-made services and products will augment IN2 Group’s portfolio, and secure a stronger market position for all of us”, said Marko Ignjatović, Director at Libusoft Cicom Ltd.

IN2 Group is continually scanning the market for the best potential partners and is systematically expanding its operations by means of acquiring IT companies whose portfolios fit in well with the Group’s existing sectors, or enhance IN2 Group’s operations by way of new and innovative solutions.

2022 has been a milestone year for IN2 Group in more ways than one. It is the year of their thirtieth anniversary, so they have decided to commemorate their vital projects that have digitally transformed the modern way of life of the Croatian people, all the while achieving outstanding business results.

“In line with our long-term vision of leading the digitalisation of Croatia, we have decided to welcome another new member into our Group’s family – Libusoft Cicom, a company specialised in developing specific IT solutions that revolutionise the market, just like we at IN2 Group do. It gives us great pleasure to welcome a new partner that shares our passion and values, and that working together we will reach ever greater heights in meeting the specific needs of our clients and users”, said Denis Jašarević, President of the Management Board of IN2 Group.

The acquisition of Libusoft Cicom is not IN2’s only acquisition taking place this year, and it certainly is not the last one in the times ahead.

“Libusoft Cicom’s portfolio includes software solutions of exceptional quality backed by their expertise and long-standing tradition, earning them the market leader position in several business segments. This is a significant acquisition that will further enhance and strengthen IN2 market position in all business verticals. We plan to support inorganic growth of IN2 Group in the future by continuously working on new potential partnerships and acquisitions”, said Katarina Šiber Makar, Senior Vice President for Business Development at Juniper Group, and Member of the Supervisory Board at IN2 Group. 


About IN2 Group: Over its 30-year existence, IN2 Group has been developing software solutions for a variety of industrial verticals, gaining valuable experience in solutions design and implementation through cooperation with clients from virtually all business branches. The Group’s operations span across five countries of our region, with more than 300 clients, and a strong focus on supporting businesses and organisations operating in the economy, finance, insurance, and healthcare sectors, as well as the public sector. IN2 Group is an operating group of Juniper Group. More info at

About Juniper Group: Juniper Group,an operating group of Vela Software and Constellation Software, Inc. [TSX:CSU], is a fast-growing software conglomerate with a focus mainly on travel, aviation, healthcare, finance, banking, insurance, public sector and oil & gas. Juniper Group, currently comprised of over 1,200+ employees all over the world, invests in and partners with software businesses permanently, serving customers in specific or adjacent industry verticals. More info at

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