Zagreb, April 30th, IN2 Group just became richer by adding a new software company – SVAM plus, offering highly parameterized system and consulting services in business process management. By concluding this acquisition, IN2 Group is expanding and further strengthening its portfolio of products and services for customers in the corporate segment.

With over 25 years of experience in intelligent business systems and business process integrations, SVAM plus is a strategic choice of IN2 Group that meets market requirements and customer needs. The core activity of the company is the development, implementation and maintenance of its own business information system OperaOpus ERP. With their solutions, SVAM plus fits into the strategic framework of development and growth of IN2’s business, complementing the existing products and solutions portfolio.

“Along with business consolidation and organic growth, we have been analyzing the market in the region for some time now, looking for partners with whom we will achieve stronger synergies and growth in new market niches. I am especially pleased that we have found a partner with a strong and recognized product that contributes to IN2’s value proposition and plans for further business growth and expansion into new market segments”, commented CEO Denis Jašarević.

“We thank our colleagues from Juniper Group and IN2 who, with their commitment and expertise, made this demanding process pleasant. As a company based on long-term relationships with employees and customers, it was crucial for us that CSI guarantees business continuity while retaining all employees and all users. We are especially pleased with CSI’s desire for further development of our OperaOpus ERP system and, in general, the plan for further growth and development of the company. We are sure that this is an important and big step for our company and we are looking forward to new business synergies and opportunities”, commented Owner SVAM Plus Hrvoje Zrilic.

About SVAM plus

SVAM plus is a Croatian-based company with a long-term presence in the domestic market and is recognized as the first choice among owned software solutions for production and design companies in Croatia[SM1]. In addition to manufacturing companies, their software solution Opera Plus is present in several other successful companies operating in the regional markets in the segment of wholesaling, distribution, services and other verticals. More than 100 companies use SVAM’s software solutions as their core ERP. More info at

About N2 Group

N2 Group part of the Juniper Group portfolio of companies, has been developing software for several industrial verticals for almost 30 years in Croatia and thereby has gained experience in the development and implementation of solutions in almost all business branches. The group operates in five countries of the region with more than 300 clients and a strong emphasis on supporting companies and organizations from the corporate, finance and insurance sectors, as well as the health and public sector. More info at

About Juniper Group

Juniper Group is a sub-division of Vela (a CSI division that is publicly traded under TSE:CSU) that focuses on acquisitions of software companies in various verticals and helps them grow in their respective markets. The strategy of the company is to acquire for-life software companies that have created mission-critical products and coach the management team to optimize business operations and performance.