SYAC is now part of Vela Software

Bogota, December 2022. SYAC is now part of one of the most relevant ecosystems of vertical market software companies in Latin America and the world, with the support and experience of Vela and CSI, an international player of market-leading software and services, with a presence in over 5 continents and 100 countries.

About SYAC

SYAC is a company with more than 30 years of experience in the software market, headquartered in Bogota, providing solutions for the healthcare sector. It has positioned itself as the first and only company in the country with an integrated information system that incorporates all areas of health practice. SYAC’s most relevant milestones are as follows:

• Company with a presence in all the regions of the country, and with the largest number of digitalised Instituiciones Prestadoras de Salud (IPS).

• Magnificient client retention rate product of the numerous and high-quality efforts in the post-sale services, providing public and private clients with a fully automatised and integrated product that allows a healthcare service with the best standards.

About Vela Software

Vela Software, under Constellation Software, is a family of enterprise software companies focused on acquiring, managing, and building world-class businesses. Vela Industries Group invests in companies long-term, providing a decentralised, autonomous operating structure with access to a community of like-minded leaders and best practices shared across hundreds of businesses. Typically leaving acquired businesses as decentralized stand-alone entities, Vela Industries Group focuses on providing vertical market software expertise, operational support, and capital to help businesses grow organically and/or through acquisitions.