Vela acquires WeShine Tech (WST) University Exam Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Platform

Vela is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of WeShine Tech, which focuses on university examination process automation. Since its foundation in 2011, WeShine Tech has served over 7 million students with its flagship product, UniApps (exam ERP for universities), at some of the largest and most prestigious institutions in India.

“This acquisition marks Vela Software’s entry into the Ed-Tech sector in India. We welcome WeShine Tech and its team as well as its customer base and look forward to supporting the company’s continued growth into its next stage.” Sandeep Ray, COO – EMEAA, Vela Software

After an 11-year journey of success, WeShine Tech was looking to scale across geographies using both organic and inorganic means. Vela’s model appealed to them as being the perfect choice given the prospects Vela brings to the table. “The existing global presence and capital to pursue inorganic growth are completely in sync with what we perceived as the next expansion phase of WST. In addition to inheriting the support of an established brand to compete in the existing domestic market, we would also be able to accelerate the international effort we have recently initiated” Anupam Mangudkar, CEO, Founder & Director, WeShine Tech. “We also highly appreciate the streamlined process and professional effort in completing the due diligence, as well as the complete transparency shown during the transaction.”

CMO, WeShine Tech, Utkarsh V.Mangudkar, has experienced a surge of enthusiasm, determination and confidence in WeShine Tech with each team member fully energised to make their contribution to the business. “With a wide range of businesses and the global presence that CSI has, this opportunity will definitely promote growth within WST”. CTO, WeShine Tech, Ramkrishni Kulkarni, adds that he is particularly excited about the future of UniApps and its newly developed on-screen marking module. “This new module has great potential that is ready to be unlocked. We are eager to introduce it to an international market”.

As a business unit within Vela Software Group, WeShine Tech will operate as a standalone organisation with Anupam Mangudkar continuing in the role as CEO & President. The WeShine Tech team is excited to have Vela Software on board as they maintain their vision of automating administrative processes in educational institutions. As a result of this acquisition, customers can expect even further success with increased attention and support for ongoing product development along international expansion efforts.

About WeShine Tech

WeShine Tech has been providing ERP software to Indian universities since 2011. Its company’s innovative solutions help Higher education institutions manage all aspects of exams. This includes online recruitment tests, digitizing books for physical locations (where it is stored securely until day-of distribution) as well as allowing marking on digital records right through the process. This enables simplified processes in vast areas that have historically required manual intervention.

WeShine Tech’s mission is to improve transparency, efficiency, and quality of evaluation and assessment processes in the education sector.

About Vela

Vela is a global provider of software solutions to several vertical industries. As an Operating Group of Constellation Software, Vela acquires, manages, and builds specific software businesses which provide specialized, mission-critical software solutions. Vela companies invest in becoming leaders in their industries and to better serve their customers. We help companies improve their operations, grow through organic initiatives, and seek acquisitions that can strengthen their market position.


Esa Immonen, VP – Customer Experience