Vela Asia Pacific rebranding initiative

Brisbane, Australia – February 2, 2024

Vela Asia Pacific, an operating group of Vela Software Group and Constellation Software Inc, has officially announced a rebranding initiative, unveiling its new name as “Vela APX”.

While continuing to operate commercially as Vela Software Group, the new name and brand, Vela APX, represent the ongoing expansion and success of the Vela Software Group in acquiring and building a strong network of software businesses around the world, transcending geographical constraints.

Ian Whiting, CEO of Vela APX, stated regarding the announcement, “Software businesses and their solutions operate in an increasingly global ecosystem that is not constrained by geography or location. The businesses we acquire, develop, and grow, provide mission-critical solutions for industries and customers around the world, and this new name better represents our ambitions to continue growing our portfolio of businesses in line with our vertical market strengths.”

Sebastian Ward, Head of Acquisitions at Vela APX, emphasized the significance of this evolution for Vela staff and customers alike. Sebastian expressed, “We have simply outgrown our Asia Pacific name and focus as a result of several years of rapid success in acquiring businesses and growing our network outside of the Asia Pacific region. It makes sense to mark this evolution, and recognise the next phase of our growth, by aligning our identity under a new contemporary and reenergised identity. Given so many of our Vela departments and teams support businesses and customers around the world, the new Vela APX brand better represents the amazing work they do in helping those businesses provide critical infrastructure to industries well beyond our region.”

About Vela APX

Vela APX, as part of Vela Software Group and Constellation Software Inc, acquires, manages, and grows mission-critical vertical market software businesses. Vela are a portfolio of Wholesale, Distribution, Fashion, Mining, Travel, Energy, General Retail, Manufacturing, Legal, Public Sector, Business Accounting, and many more software businesses, with offices and operations supporting customers globally. They provide vertical market software expertise, operational support, and capital to help businesses grow.

Vela is an operating group of Constellation Software Inc. (TSX: CSU), a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Further information about Vela APX may be obtained through their website at Vela APX.