Vela Software acquires InfoCorp

Miami, FL – May 21, 2020Aquila Software (“Aquila”), a division of Vela Software (“Vela”), and Constellation Software, Inc. (TSX: CSU) announced today that it has closed the acquisition of InfoCorp. InfoCorp is the developer of the IC OmniChannel Banking platform that is Helping People Love their Bank.

“InfoCorp has an inspiring focus on their clients. To produce solutions that connect the banks with their clients is such a deep passion for the team at InfoCorp. We are really looking forward to working with the group,” said Mike Byrne, CEO of Aquila. “The InfoCorp team has built something truly impressive, and we hope to support that momentum moving forward.”

Ana Inés Echavarren, CEO of InfoCorp said, “We have been looking for a partner to support us as we move to our next level of experience for our clients. We are excited to join Aquila and the Constellation family as they believe in long-term relationships, and the ‘buy and hold forever’ approach supports us in our focus on long term growth with our clients.”

About Aquila Software:

Aquila is focused on providing great solutions to Housing, Finance, Banking, Insurance, Higher Education, Travel & Public Sectors throughout the Americas and Europe. Aquila’s businesses focus on long-term relationships where our mission-critical solutions evolve with our clients’ business needs. Further information about Aquila Software can be found at

About InfoCorp:

Infocorp is a leading provider of Omnichannel Banking solutions across the Latin American and Caribbean markets. Its cutting edge solutions create personalized, consistent and seamless experiences to cultivate lasting relationships between financial institutions and their clients.

For more information on InfoCorp, please visit