Vela Software Acquires Kurier

São Paulo, April 2020 – Vela Software Group (“Vela”), an operating group of Canadian public company Constellation Software Inc. (TSX:CSU) is pleased to announce it has acquired Kurier, a pioneer in technology and legal intelligence. The acquisition enhances Vela’s presence in the Brazilian legal software market, following the acquisition of Aurum in 2019.

Salvatore Bruno, Kurier´s CEO, believes that the acquisition by Vela will further strengthen Kurier’s business in the country, allowing for an expansion in the market, as well as greater investment in innovative technologies. “This achievement was only possible thanks to a serious and pioneering effort that produced an average growth of 20% per year for the past 5 years. During all this time we were innovators and launched several solutions that changed the lives of legal operators and those interested in information about the behavior of the Brazilian justice for the better”, he indicated.

Kurier is already recognized for its innovative products and its ability to add value to its customers’ business by offering solutions that provide operational efficiency and data-driven decision-making. “This acquisition only reinforces our commitment to continue contributing to the evolution of the legal technology market in Brazil”.

This is Vela’s second acquisition in the Brazilian lawtech segment.  “We understand that the legal technology market in Brazil is in full growth and that this initiative, which started in 2019 with the acquisition of Aurum, should continue.”, informs Paulo Felipe Martins, VP of M&A at Vela Software Latin America.

It is part of Vela’s strategy to maintain the company’s entire team, including executives, who will continue to lead the business, alongside Kurier’s whole staff. As well as Aurum, Kurier will also continue to operate independently, and with new partnerships in sight. “We have complementary products, there is a lot that we can do together in order to improve our solutions for the market”, comments Antônio Gerassi Neto, Aurum’s CEO.

“We are going to work in collaboration with Aurum, maintaining our mission to meet our customers’ needs, improving the lives of people who deal with us as well as contributing to the development of our society”, concludes Salvatore.

About Vela Software. Vela is a global provider of software solutions to several vertical industries. As an Operating Group of Constellation Software, Vela acquires, manages, and builds software businesses which provide specialized, mission-critical software solutions for customers in various industries. Vela is a permanent owner of companies and invests in these businesses for the long-term.

About Kurier. Kurier is a pioneer in technology and legal intelligence solutions in the Brazilian market. The company serves over 1,700 clients, including seven of the ten largest law firms in Brazil. Customers also include legal departments of large companies and the main credit bureaus in the country. Transforming the market through data, systems and legal intelligence, Kurier provides operational efficiency and an analytical approach, optimizing time and information management for better decision making. For more information, visit: