Vela Software LatAm acquired the software division for notaries of Alkasoft, a company in Santa Catarina present in the market for more than 27 years developing technological solutions for the segments of law, notaries, and brands. With the acquisition, the Brazilian market gains a new specialized company, Cartdigi, which is already born with expertise in the sector and potential for investments in technological innovation for products and services. Transaction values have not been revealed.

The new company, linked to the Brazilian division of Vela Software Group, based in Belo Horizonte (MG), duly registered as a Brazilian legal entity and fulfilling all national legal obligations and requirements, will be under the management of Cicero Triches, one of the partners and founders of Alkasoft, and will maintain all national operation, management, and business rules. “Our work and service delivery remain national. Our clients will also continue with specialized assistance for the extrajudicial area. This new phase will bring benefits such as access to a huge community of software companies, where we will be able to share knowledge and new technologies that will benefit our customers”, explains Cicero Triches, manager of Cartdigi. The storage of data made by Cartdigi will follow the rules established by Brazilian law, with the hiring of legal entities regularly constituted in Brazil, with restriction for access to data guaranteed by Brazilian administrator password. Also notegoing all the rules established by the Courts of Justice of the States, the National Council of Justice (CNJ) and National Central Slaws, starting with the determinations of Provision no. 74 and the LGPD, also remain in compliance. The new company remains responsible for the necessary support for all cartorsystems of the CART line, which already has four consolidated products for out-of-court notaries, developed for real estate registration, banknote tabelionato, civil registration and RTDPJ — Cart Real Estate, Cart Notes, Civil Cart and Cart Titles and Documents.

The state of Santa Catarina, the head of Cartdigi, is the 4th largest technology hub in the country in companies’ revenues and also had the largest growth in the number of technology companies during the period 2015 to 2019. The increase was 11.8%, bringing to more than 12,000 the number of technology companies in Santa Catarina.

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