Vela Software completes the acquisition of Peakwork AG

Düsseldorf, GERMANY, April 14th, 2023 – Constellation Software, Inc. (“Constellation“) (TSX:CSU) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Peakwork AG (“Peakwork”), a dynamic packaging and distribution connectivity specialist for the travel industry.

The acquisition of Peakwork represents an important milestone for Constellation and Vela Software in pursuit of being globally recognized as the leading travel technology player through its Juniper Travel group by all relevant industry players. This investment will strengthen Peakwork’s unique value proposition for its customers and partners and consolidate its international exposure by taking advantage of Juniper’s global network.

“We are extremely excited about this transaction. Peakwork will play a principal role within our portfolio of travel software companies, adding a senior and very talented management team and high performing technology stack to our group. Together, we will be able to offer better solutions and cover all the IT needs of our customers and partners”. said Mr. Jaime Sastre, CEO of Juniper Group and Founder of Juniper.

Mr. Ralf Usbeck, CEO and Founder of Peakwork, commented: “Joining Constellation gives Peakwork the possibility of getting exclusive access to many industry specialists and resources which will lead to improve even more Peakwork’s leading travel distribution solutions and services. It also strengthens the bright and safe future to our employees, customers and partners, as I truly believe that there is no better home for all of them now and in the long-term”. Mr. Usbeck is stepping back from his role as CEO of Peakwork. Ralf will be joining Juniper Travel Group’s Board of Directors as Strategic Advisor to continue helping Peakwork and the whole travel group in CSI to tap into new opportunities, bringing decades of experience and his strong relationships in the travel industry.

Mr. Sastre and Mr. Usbeck are pleased to announce that Mr. Manuel Saballus, VP of Strategy, is taking the lead as CEO of Peakwork.

About Peakwork: Peakwork connects global leisure travel suppliers and distributors through a high-performance middleware software platform, forming a global leisure network and marketplace for the real-time production and booking of travel packages. More info at

About Juniper Group: Juniper Group, a portfolio of Vela Software and Constellation, is a fast-growing software conglomerate of Vertical Market Software companies, having a particular focus on travel, aviation, banking, insurance, healthcare, public sector and oil & gas verticals. Juniper Group currently employs over 1,500 employees all over the world. More info at

About Vela Software: Vela Software, a subsidiary of Constellation (a company listed in the Toronto Stock Exchange), is a family of enterprise software companies focused on acquiring, managing, and building world-class businesses forever. More info at

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