Vela Software expands its presence in the Brazilian legaltech market with the acquisition of LDSOFT.

Vela Software is pleased to announce the acquisition of LDSOFT, a pioneer in intellectual property solutions.

With almost 30 years of experience, the company is the leader in intellectual property solutions in Brazil with more than 800 customers. LDSOFT offers software solutions including Apol, leader in the intellectual property category, Webseek, Cashfy, Aquiles and Authora, the newest way to register proof of digital files anteriority on the Blockchain.

With this acquisition, Vela Software is increasing its presence in the legaltech vertical in Brazil. “We are thrilled to add LDSOFT to our portfolio. We understand that the legal technology market in Brazil is in full growth. Our investments in this vertical, which started in 2019 with the acquisition of Aurum and in 2020 with the acquisition of Kurier, should continue. We still have many opportunities in this segment in Brazil.” said Paulo Felipe Martins, CEO of Vela Software Latin America.

LDSOFT CEO Luiz Duffles said “It is a very important milestone in the history of the company I founded in 1993. After 29 years, we are leaders in intellectual property solutions and this ended up catching the attention of one of the biggest technology groups in the world. I am very proud to now be part of the Constellation group, and I am sure that it will make us even stronger to continue growing and innovating more and more in this segment of legal technology.”


Founded in 1993 LDSOFT is a pioneer in the intellectual property solutions space offering customers a robust solution with functionality across multiple use cases.

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